Pioneering live sampling musician J.A "Dino" Dean died on July 22, 2021. 

by Jan Bang

dino butchJust received the sad news of J.A «Dino» Dean´s passing. Here portrayed together with the late Butch Morris who performed at the Punkt festival in 2012. 

Shocked by the fact that three of the band members of Jon Hassell´s band  including Peter Freeman, Jon Hassell and J.A Deane all have passed within the last four months.

I came to know some of the man when traveling with Jon Hassell´s band in the US, Australia and in Europe between 2007 and 2012.

Cutting his teeth playing trombone with Ike and Tina Turner around Nutbush City Limits area, he became member of the San Francisco post punk band Indoor Life.

His pioneering use of samplers and delay loops led him to the groundbreaking work with Jon Hassell including Power Spot, produced by Eno/Lanois and released on ECM in 1986. Here, a performance with Jon Hassell at Fabrik in Hamburg in 1985 together with guitarist Michael Brook and synth player Jean-Philip Rykiel (son of Sonja Rykiel)

He was given the conduction baton by Butch Morris whom he’d been working closely with exercising Morris conduction style, a form of improvising with an orchestra. Dino did this beautifully and performed twice at Punkt in Kristiansand, Norway conducting the students of the University of Agder and taking part in one of the live remixes.

Dino lived in New Mexico and will be missed by all of us who was lucky enough to have known the man and his music.