Kristian Isachsen & Alessandra Bossa

Bossa Isachsen Punkt photoNorwegian electronic music producer Kristian Isachsen and Italian sound artist and pianist Alessandra Bossa breathe life into a live remix exploring the boundaries of order and freedom in entropy through sampling, live fx and improvisation. 

The music interweaves erratic energy following the echoes of free jazz, industrial techno, contemporary music and more. Abstract soundscapes, pulsations and melodies will merge into impromptu compositions. 

A collage of waves invites the listener into sea recesses, earthly kicks, chaotic and overflowing markets, arid landscapes, new dimensions and pathways to discover. 

Kristian Isachsen – live remix, electronics 

Alessandra Bossa – vocals, electronics

Photo: Edward Roncarolo / Tobias Helsing