Helge Sten

helge sten prcrpBased in Oslo, Norway, composer, musician and music producer Helge Sten (aka Deathprod) has been crafting his music since the early 90s, a deeply atmospheric, grainy minimalism that slows time down and explores the very particles of sound itself. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Trondheim, focusing on sound art and music.

Sten is a founder member of Norwegian improvising group Supersilent, and he has collaborated with artists as diverse as Biosphere, Sidsel Endresen, Ensemble Modern and Led Zeppelin’s John Paul Jones. He has produced records by Motorpsycho, Susanna, Jenny Hval, Arve Henriksen and others. In 1998, alongside Biosphere, he electronically transformed the music of Norway’s leading contemporary composer, Arne Nordheim. More recently he composed music for Harry Partch’s legendary invented instruments for the Cologne based Ensemble Musikfabrik, as well as new music for Ensemble Modern, Trondheim Voices and the Norwegian national company of contemporary dance Carte Blanche.